Grant Report Forms

The Foundation requires its grantees to submit periodic grant reports, typically after the first six months of a program is completed and following the completion of the one-year grant period. In some cases, only a final report is required.

The purpose of the grant report is to encourage grantees to share their successes and challenges with the Foundation. This can be an important way to take a closer look at the progress you are making, what is working or not working, and perhaps make changes if needed. In addition, reports assist the Foundation in tracking the outcomes of projects and programs it is helping to support. And finally, reports meet the Foundations need for accurate financial reporting on the use of its grant funds, for auditing purposes.

The grant report questions were designed to assess the progress in specific areas outlined in the original grant application form. Therefore, it is important for grantees to refer back to their application when completing the reports.

If you have not already received your report form, please contact Kara Seesholtz
at or 752-3930.