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Women's Giving Circle Committee Charters

As a member, you can serve on one of three committees and become more involved in supporting women and girls across our region:

Our Mission

The Women’s Giving Circle of the CSCF empowers, connects, and inspires women and girls by supporting initiatives and resources that better their lives.

Through the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation, the Women’s Giving Circle is being established as a means to raise funds to distribute to projects and initiatives that improve the lives of women and girls throughout the Central Susquehanna Region.

Meet the Women's Giving Circle Steering Committee

Twelve women from across the Foundation's 5 1/2 county service area, have come together to play an active role in changing the lives of women and girls. Learn more about the impact each has within her community.

Learning About the Needs

The Steering Committee held its first meeting in November 2016. Since then, they have been learning about programs and initiatives that offer women and girls opportunities to thrive. Professionals and volunteers in the fields of self-sustainability, STEAM, poverty, sexual abuse, and financial confidence, have presented to the Steering Committee.

What is a Giving Circle?

A giving circle is a form of participatory philanthropy where groups of individuals donate their own money or time to a pooled fund then decide together what projects and charities to make investments. In the process, they seek to increase their awareness of and engagement in the issues covered by the circle. Read more...


Special Thanks to Our Kick-Off Keynote Speaker -

Mary Tiffin

Mary Tiffin was born and lived in the suburbs of New York City until her family moved to the small town of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. There she lived until attending college in Virginia at Mary Baldwin College. Mary has had several successful careers, first in fashion where she worked directly for the President and CEI of the world’s largest accessories company. Then in technology, then in healthcare for the Geisinger Health System, where she developed programs to assist in the psycho-social care of patients. Mary’s journey with her husband David, who died of cancer in 2003, inspired her latest and most purpose-driven venture, Mangata, the company behind RunLites and other illuminated sports accessories. It was through her love for David, their joy of running in the evenings together and the need for illumination that Mangata, the Swedish word for moonlight, was born. Mary is also the mother of three sons, Christopher, age 21, Michael, 17, and Stephen, 15. Today, Mary leads an organization that lights the way for runners, cyclists and thousands of active people in America and abroad. She is also the founder of the Live the Light Foundation (, a non-profit organization that brings people together to raise money and bring light to people who are in the midst of darkness, particularly those who are undergoing treatments for life-threatening illnesses. Mary and the Tiffin boys live in Winfield, PA.


To learn more about Women's Giving Circle please contact:

Holly Morrison [email protected]
President and CEO

Kara G. Seesholtz [email protected]
Director of Donor Relations and Communications